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Akita connected home Wi-Fi security watchdog review








REVIEW – The Internet of Things (IoT).  That’s the term applied to essentially all connected devices that bring us the ability to control various items via connected apps on our PCs, tablets, and phones.  As soon as we do that, we open potential doors into our networks for bad guys to hack in and do nefarious things.  What to do, what to do?


HighIot, an Isreali-based security company, developed Akita to help address that issue.

AKITA IoT Security device can help protect smart homes

Smart homes are on the rise and there’s no doubt that they provide a great deal of convenience. However, they also can be vulnerable to cybercrime since they work online.

According to a report by cyber security research centre McAfee Labs, there’ll be an increase in attacks on IoT [Internet of Things] connected devices in coming years, and cases of malware and ransomware will target smart devices including drones and smart homes.

AKITA Protects Smart Home Devices From Attackers & Malware

The AKITA Smart Home Station is a network monitoring product that aims to protect smart home devices from attackers and malware. HighIoT, a manufacturer behind this product, highlighted the fact that there has been a substantial increase in attacks on smart home devices in recent months and the privacy and security of users are affected once smart home devices are compromised by attackers. The AKITA Smart Home Station, the tech firm claims, has been developed to address the security issue of smart home devices, and it is capable of protecting a wide range of products including smart TVs, smart cameras, smoke detectors, and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices.