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Your Smart Home Is Spying on You. This Device Stops That.

Meet Akita, a digital watchdog for your connected abode



The biggest threat to home security in 2017?

Might be your new smart lighting system. Or that new speaker that is always listening to you.

Hell, it might even be your new (hacked) security system.

Enter Akita. The newest product from a Silicon Valley startup called Axius, the just-launched Akita is a watchdog for your increasingly connected home.

Basically, any appliance or device that promotes its “Internet of Things” capabilities (your security camera, lights, Alexa-enabled speakers) makes you increasingly at risk from digital intruders.

So Akita sniffs these bad guys out. Just connect the hexagonal device to a LAN port on your router — it takes about a minute. Et voila, now you’re prepped. Any unusual activity or attempt to take over your device(s) blocks or shuts down the entire network, letting you know (via a smartphone app) what happened.



And thanks to machine learning, the device will get smarter over time — without ever accessing your data or slowing down your network. And they’re promising 24/7 support in the event something untoward happens.

It’s currently on Kickstarter, so the usual crowdfunding caveats apply (though it’s already fully funded). And the device, currently running about 40% off the future retail price, comes with a lifetime of free security updates.