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This device warns you if your smart home has been hacked

This device warns you if your smart home has been hacked


People increasingly are substituting ordinary household tools with Internet-connected alternatives. Where once you’d find an ordinary thermostat, you might now encounter the futuristic-looking Nest. Instead of an ordinary CCTV camera that records to tape, you might have one that allows you to monitor your household from your phone.

HighIoT’s Akita device protects your smart home from being hacked

Alexa, can you find my phone, call my best friend, check my emails and print my bank statement? Alexa, the cloud-based amazon device is turning your home into a smart home – a computer controlled environment working via voice command. Smart homes are intended to make our life easier and assist with personal wishes and desires. From shutting the blinds to irrigating the lawn these devices can do it all: buying and delivering groceries, checking credit card details, health records and private information. However, smart devices have one weakness: they can be hacked. All your personal information collected by smart home devices can be stolen, if the smart home is not protected properly.