General Questions

What is Akita?

Akita is an IoT device watchdog station that detects suspicious activity in your smart home devices network and prevents IoT-oriented attacks.

How does Akita work?

Is Akita basically a hardware firewall?

Can Akita be hacked?

Who is the team behind Akita?

Technical Questions

What are Akita’s hardware & software specs?

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What are Akita’s hardware & software specs?

Does Akita support 5Ghz WiFi networks?

What kind of data will be shared to Akita servers in the working process?

Does Akita work with WiFi extenders?

Does Akita monitor all network devices or just those connected via WiFi?

What happens when Akita discovers malicious traffic and quarantines an IoT device?

Mobile Application

What are the Akita Security App permissions?

Router Security Resolving Procedure


Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) lets you join the WiFi network without typing the WiFi password.WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) technology has a design flaw. It is better to use a router that does not support WPS. If your does, try to turn it off, and verify that it really is off.

How to disable WPS for Netgear

How to disable WPS for TP-LINK

Routers that cannot disable WPS:

The Netgear Nighthawk X4 R7500 v2The D-Link DIR 890LThe Ubiquiti AmpliFi mesh router system

Need help to fix it ?




TCP/UDP tunnels


Blacklist IP

Default Credentials

Weak WiFi password

Remote Web Access

ZoomEye Vulnerability

Legal Part

Akita doesn't break any laws, as far as we know and have researched. We are not a hacking tool; we are a network communication management tool. Manipulating a network protocol for your own home cybersecurity protection is not considered hacking. We DO NOT use any network vulnerability and we DO NOT damage any device in the process.

Is the AKITA CE certified?

For the North American market AKITA will comply with the FCC regulations and for the European market AKITA will comply with the CE regulations.

Contact Akita support

If you have any other questions, please contact Akita support

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